Hospitality Consultant


Understanding hotel distribution technology can be overwhelming especially as new technology partners are introduced on a frequent basis.  At the same time, the existing distribution partners are evolving their business models to capitalize on increased revenue opportunities.  If this isn't enough activity within the hotel distribution technology evolution, the constant acquisitions and mergers of these partners adds another level of complexity.  

#SnapShotChart developed this visual of the hotel distribution technology to help grasp the landscape. 

Essentially each layer of technology connects to the previous layer and brings the hotel's Availability, Rates and Inventory to the next layer.  

e-Commerce and Distribution Services

With a keen focus on developing cohesive synergies through system integration requires an approach with core principles; Strategy, Project Management and Optimization.  Collaboration has no limits, therefore conquering the hospitality distribution landscape demands contribution from all disciplines of the hotel executive team. Let's spend time together customizing e-Commerce and Distribution services to overcome current obstacles to deliver increased revenues. 



  • Increase / Website Conversions
  • Online Travel Agencies - Contract Negotiation Support and Recommendations 
  • Distribution Channel Alignment 
  • Channel Manager Selection 
  • Management Company vs. Distribution Partner Evaluations
  • New Hotels - Development of Streamline Distribution Platforms aligning to the Hotel Marketing, Sales and Revenue Strategy 
  • Reservation Call Center Analysis - Onsite vs. Third Party

Project management

  • Global Distribution Systems Chain Code Switch - Hotel Transitions supporting all distribution activities 
  • Property Management System Implementations 
  • Central Reservation Systems Implementations 
  • Direct Connect Implementations - Online Travel Agencies 
  • Reservation Call Center Migrations 


  • Global Distribution System - Hotel Content Audits 
  • Technology Integration Support - Property Management Systems and Central Reservation Systems 
  • Booking Engine Configuration Recommendations
  • Booking Engine Content Audits 
  • Property Management System - Audits to ensure maximum performance
  • Central Reservation Systems - Audits to increase revenue performance
  • Revenue Management Support - Inventory Management, Rate Code Development, Data Tracking and Validation 
  • Reservation Sales - Selling Techniques and Training